Mosquito Control in Dayton and the Miami Valley


Mosquito control technician spraying trees and bushes

If there's anything that people in Dayton agree about, it's that we hate mosquitoes. Few things ruin an outdoor event like a wedding, family reunion, get-together, or even a simple evening relaxing outside after work than an attack of ravenous, blood-sucking mosquitoes.

There are 59 different species of mosquitoes in Ohio, and most of them can be found in the Dayton area. Because ours is a temperate climate, mosquitoes have to get all their work of feeding and breeding done during the warmer months. This means that during their feeding times, they can be voracious, homing in on any available host to satisfy their hunger while they can. It's a matter of survival for them.

Even worse, just in case the sheer annoyance they cause weren't reason enough to hate mosquitoes, a few mosquito species can also transmit serious diseases like Eastern equine encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus, and most recently, Zika virus, as well as other less-common but still-serious diseases.

Because mosquitoes can spread diseases from people who are infected to people who aren't, you don't even need to come in contact with a sick person to catch mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquitoes can also spread diseases that aren't usually encountered in Ohio if they bite someone who recently returned from a country where a disease is common. That's how Zika arrived in the United States.

Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Dayton Mosquito Control provides effective exterior mosquito control services to homeowners and businesses throughout Ohio's Miami Valley. All of our services are performed outside: We never need to enter your home or business. We also employ trained, certified technicians who use only EPA-registered products. We provide both ongoing mosquito-control programs intended to reduce mosquito problems in an outdoor area for the entire season, and one-time treatments for special events.

We can provide mosquito control in any outdoor area where the landowner provides permission for treatment, including:

We also provide exterior treatment of homes and other buildings to keep the mosquitoes outside from getting inside. You'll sleep a whole lot easier that way.

To learn more about our mosquito control services or to schedule an appointment, please visit our contact page or call us at (937) 903-3962. We look forward to helping solve your mosquito problem.


News and Special Offers

Dayton Mosquito Control is a family owned company with 38 years serving the pest control industry. We speacilize in mosquito control in the Miami Valley. Enjoy your outdoors again with just relaxing after a hard days work or grilling out for friends and family. We also do mosquito control for special events like weddings, parties or family reunions.  

Call (937) 903-3962 today and enjoy the outdoors again


Mosquito Control 2019
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How to Prevent Mosquitoes in and Around Your Home

  • Remove sources of standing water. ... 
  • Clean out the gutters. ... 
  • Change out water sources weekly. ... 
  • Drain water and fill up low areas. ... 
  • Maintain pools and water features. ... 
  • Replace outdoor lighting. ... 
  • Protect yourself. ... 
  • Call Dayton Exterminating at (937) 903-3962
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